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Transcription Process Transcription Services
  • Advise receipt of the transcription work (along with any extra information needed viz. interview notes, names etc).
  • Confirm desired client's timeframe and format required.
  • If the job consists of several recordings, we can provide a sample before proceeding if required.
  • Because of the varying quality of tapes, we normally advise the client of any potential difficulties as they arise.
  • Upon completion of the assignment, tapes are then posted back to the client (registered mail or courier) and the delivery cost included in the final invoice. All copies of the transcripts are then held on our secure server until full payment has been received.

We will use our best endeavours to transcribe all sound files supplied to us as accurately as possible and will advise the client if a recording is of such poor quality that it is not in their best interests to proceed with it.

Marray Transcription Services maintains quality control by visually checking every transcription before sending the files back to you ensuring a consistent and professional document every time. However, please note that the final proofreading of all documents will always remain the responsibility of the client.