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Digital Recording
Digital and Analogue Recording

Our clients understand the benefits of using digital transcription: a quality recording, capturing each voice, will generally be quicker to transcribe and therefore be produced at a lower cost to the client. If you are thinking of switching to digital then we recommend ABC Dictation, tel: 02 9591 5379, email:

Switching to digital also eliminates the risk of dud/lost tapes, poor recordings, missed vital information as the tape finishes and the researcher forgets to turn it over. Also you get to eliminate ongoing costs such as batteries and cassettes, couriers, postage & handling etc as well as benefiting from a more efficient production service. Digital equipment can record up to 5 hours of continuous audio (as opposed to a 90 minute audio tape)

By emailing us the digital sound files (WMA, WAV, DSS) it eliminates expensive couriers and risky postage deliveries. PLEASE NOTE: The size of many digital files (WMA, WAV) means that email transmission via most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) is slow. DSS files are highly compressed and therefore easier to handle but if sending urgent sound files we suggest you upload them to our secure File Transfer Protocol site (contact us for details).

If preferred, non-urgent jobs can be sent to us by registered post or express post to on the memory card or a CD.

Analogue Recording

We have many satisfied clients that still prefer to use analogue tapes. Tapes requiring transcription can then be sent to us via registered post or express post.