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Pricing of Transcription Services

Marray Transcription Services generally charge on the length of the tape, cross-referenced with the length of time taken to transcribe and the number of words. As outlined in FAQs section, this is due to the number of variable factors that have to be considered, namely the quality of the recording, number of speakers, any accents, pauses, any specialised terminology used, etc.

As no two people are the same, no two transcripts will be the same. Eg, 1-to-1 interviews although of the same recording length may vary in transcription length as some people have a lot more to say (and say it a lot quicker) than others! Therefore one side of an audiotape (45 minutes) could contain a two-person interview comprising of 5,000 words or 8,500 words. In the latter instance, the transcript would be longer and the cost of producing it will be higher.

No surcharges are applied for weekends or public holidays

An itemised bill will be supplied at the end of each job or if ongoing, we can bill monthly. We request payment is promptly made within 14 working days. We prefer payment be made electronically (bank details are supplied with the invoice).

All prices are available on request and discussion with Marray Transcription Services. In the first instance please complete our simple enquiry form or email

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