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How can I get a good recording?

If using tape:
  • Use best quality tapes at all times and ensure fresh batteries are loaded.
  • Do not use micro or mini cassette recorders for group discussions as they are designed for one voice dictation you will not get a good recording!

Conferences & Seminars : If a conference or seminar is being run then we recommend using a Audio Visual company. Most conference venues can supply this.

Group Discussions : If conducting a group discussion please ensure the following for both digital and analogue recordings:

  • Provide written notes, copy of seating plan, spelling of names/terminology, question prompt sheet, ie: any information which will help make an accurate transcription
  • Use an external microphone(s)
  • Position microphone(s) close to speakers.
  • If possible, record in a "closed-room" environment.
  • If names are required then please introduce the participant so the transcriber can identify the voice and ensure the convenor prompts each speaker, ie: "Over to you John" "Thank you, Sue".
  • Similar accents/voices will be coded for the researcher to identify (eg. S1, S2).
  • Ensure participants speak one at a time, without mumbling, towards the mike
  • Do not allow eating or drinking whilst recording. Crackling crisp bags or clinking crockery can drown out vital information (as well as give the transcriber a headache!)